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Mars Hill NC

At Wolf Mountain Realty, we know Mars Hill NC better than the rest. Why wouldn’t we? We market it to a world of people, one that you may be a part of, in order to allow them to fully immerse themselves in the area. Whether it be for a short, temporary stay in one of our cabin rentals, or a permanent relocation that establishes Mars Hill NC as their home, those who enter the realm of our region are best prepared when they know what they’re getting into. Otherwise, they risk missing out on something. It’s our job to ensure that doesn’t happen. Let us guide you through Mars Hill NC so you can decide what role it will fill in your future.

Mars Hill is a part of Madison County North Carolina. Our part of Mars Hill is known as Wolf Laurel, also home to the favorite Wolf Ridge Ski Resort. However, winter isn’t the only time of year you can enjoy Wolf Laurel – it’s a charming place to be all 365 days. In addition to playing on the snow, visitors and residents like to golf, bike, fish, sight-see, tour around Asheville, and more.

Our Wolf Laurel Resort taps into the beauty of the region and affords guests with unforgettable accommodations. You’ll not only have the finest amenities, but you’ll also have the most ideal launching pad to access the rest of the area. Thinking about moving here, why not do a test run and rent one of our Wolf Laurel rentals? Whichever path you decide to take, Wolf Mountain Realty can help you. When it comes to Mars Hill NC, we have you covered. Contact us today!

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